Where this all began

I’m new to blogging and new to breast cancer. I was diagnosed with the beginning stages of breast cancer last Friday, October 10th. This did not sink in for a few days. Sure I talked about with my family and friends, but it did not make since to me. I am a very healthy and active mother, wife, Christian, professional. I have always been proactive in trying to keep myself strong and healthy. To say “cancer” with my name, just seemed wrong. Cancer doesn’t really run in my family. Then with my mom’s help, I remember now that Papa (my grandfather) was diagnosed with prostate cancer when he was in his late 80s. Then he had it in his colon, I think, before he died. That was why he went into the hospital for surgery and picked up a staph infection, which killed him. So, I guess cancer does run in our family, just not breast cancer, till now.

By Monday, October the 13, I had come to terms with saying “I have breast cancer”. Mind you, I had a mammogram that detected the suspicious area, had a needle biopsy (which was not fun) and surgery to remove the biopsied area, My surgeon explained that in the cancer spectrum, mine was at the start and indeed could be cured with minimal deaths occurring at this stage, but I needed more surgery to the right breast to extend “the margins”. Ok. Good news right? Surgery set for this past Friday, October 17th, but he wanted an MRI to double check both right and left breasts, just in case. Understandable, he wanted to be thorough. I am a Christian woman who whole heartedly believes in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I know God has worked a miracle for me and my diagnoses. Standing on the promises, right? I claim victory in Jesus already.  I go do the MRI on Wednesday, October the 15th. Results won’t be ready for two days, so I think. Mind you, I have registered at the hospital. Changed my schedule of seeing patients and prepared myself mentally, spiritually and physically for this surgery. I get the call Thursday at 3:30 from the doctor. “We have found two more suspicious sites on your left breast that need to be biopsied. We have cancelled your surgery for tomorrow pending the results of the new left breast biopsies set for the 27th of October.”  I have now developed a phone phobia because every time the doctor calls, my life changes. What an emotional roller coaster. So, here I am, still easily tired from my surgery on the 7th, waiting again for the next set of trials.

Devil may think he can wear me down, but with God I can endure all things. I am going to try blogging to help me keep my sanity and rant about my journey with breast cancer. Please pray for me to have the flexibility with my life that I so much like to be in control of during this time. God bless all.


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