Cancer fighting breakfast

Well praise God I woke this morning practicing belly breathing for five minutes before getting out of bed, reading emails, hugging my kid and my big dog. Our little dog was quite a bed hog last night.

I decided to tweak some recipes that I found on Pinterest for cancer fighting foods. I made a smoothie for the family, but made mine with extra ingredients.
Power Greens/Berry Smoothie
1 cup almond milk ( I use low sugar)
1 handful power greens (kale, spinach and other greens)
1-1/2 ripe bananas
2 tablespoons Greek yogurt
1/2 cup of frozen mixed berries
1 tablespoon organic honey
1 teaspoon tumeric (I used 2 and it was too much)

Directions: put all these things in Magic Bullet and had my breakfast. Saved quite a bit for next couple of days.

Next I had my wonderful husband make fruit flavored water.
He put half a gallon of spring water in a pitcher. Then added half a cucumber, 1 lemon, 8 mint leaves. It tastes refreshing from the fridge.

I’m trying to steer away from processed foods and adding more greens in my and my families diet.

Now I put a pot of 15 beans in the crockpot.
Soaked the beans over night
Put them in crockpot with large chicken broth, can of organic diced tomatoes, and two cans of water. Salted and peppered.

I cooked 4 slices if unhealthy bacon. Put that in the pot.

Used the bacon grease to cook onions to translucent and two garlic cloves.

Then I had my hubby chop up that power greens, about two cups. Then I added that two the frying pan. Salted and peppered that.

Now I placed that all in my crockpot. This is going to cook for 9 hours. We’ll see how this comes out later.

Now to rest for a while then chores before church. Hope to get in a family bike ride to regain my endurance after surgery and before to next one.

Trying to take some control even though my life is in chaos. Praise God for another day!

Then I


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