God is not dead.

Wow! What a moving movie. We watched this one for church tonight and what a blessing. It really helped reinforce to me that we all have a purpose, whether good or bad experiences come our way, God has a higher purpose to use that experience to complete a mission.

I know God is not dead, but maybe through my breast cancer experience I can give hope to others. Sure this isn’t what I want to go through, but maybe I need to slow down and realize that God is more important than my mission to help children with emotional and behavioral problems. Maybe I’m looking too much at my work and not focusing in God.

Cancer is a sure fire way to slow me down. I am very hyper and have plenty of energy that I am always busy. Work, family, kid in taekwondo, swimming and then my own exercise – always going, going, going. Whoa April. Stop and take time to magnify your God.

Usually when I run and bike I talk with God. (Mind you, I do try to run or ride 50 to 60 miles a week.) It is my time alone to have a conversation. It’s usually the same answers. “Trust not on your own understand and trust in me to take care of things.” I hear ya Lord. I am your servant.

God is with me and I know I am doing God’s work. I know I have a Christian husband and daughter. I have my dream job of Master level psychologist with children. I am blessed, very blessed. I have family, friends, friends of friends and strangers that are acquaintances from Facebook games praying for my healing. I know everything is going to be fine without a shadow of doubt. The plans for my future are in God’s hands. I accept what He wants me to go through with the faith that I’m where I need to be. God is so good. I will serve The Lord where ever I am. God is alive in me! As for me and my home, we believe in the living God. God bless y’all.


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