Another day

I am so thankful that I could go to work this week, though tiresome, today was good. It is so weird, the bruising is just coming out from the last surgery 13 days ago. Talked to people at Precision Cancer Center to confirm my appointment for Friday to get ready for radiation therapy. Can’t believe I’m actually getting ready to irradiate myself. I have a Master of Science in Biology. I did my research on soybean seeds that had been irradiated at 15,000 rads, 30,000 rads and 45,000 rads. Can’t wait to see how many rads I get. Kind of strange to think that this is actually a treatment. I am curious to know how this helps with cancer and why it does not kill all cells in its path. I will let you know more after the meeting on Friday. This is what makes me kind of nervous. I hear it makes you pretty tired.

I was asked by my co-workers how I was coping. I thought about it and I explained that I was not afraid because I know I am healed and everything is going to be fine. I borrowed this explanation from learning how to tackle hills in bicycle training. You look up at the hill and know how high it is, then you trek forward visualizing the bottom of the hill on the other side. I know that I have about 3 – 6 months of hill climbing but there is an end to it and I will be successful because God is with me. I have endurance trained all my adult life, be it Taekwondo, running or bicycling. I’ve trained harder and longer because I can and I enjoy it. I may not enjoy having cancer or the disruption it has placed on my life, but I have the endurance to beat this, no doubt.

For all, trust in God for all things. “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by your generous Spirit.” Psalms 51:12 NKJV


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