It’s tongue out Tuesday for Newfoundland dog lovers

Boy I was riding high, back to my same ole self at work. Enjoying the day God gave me. Seeing patients, scoring psych tests and having meetings. Felt good till about 2 pm. That’s when I had a serious power drain. My tongue was out and headed home to rest 45 later. Not a chance. Gotta take my kid to Hobby Lobby to find a fun craft. Glitter foil tattoos is what we found. What fun! I love this age she is at. Picked up Whataburger and had an early dinner. Life is good. Thank you Jesus.

Good news too, I found out after biopsies and surgery, I will have 3 – 4 weeks to recuperate before radiation starts. Whew. That was a load off me. I can heal some and regain strength cool.

I am craving some serious bike riding (don’t tell my family that). Maybe Friday or Saturday? I need exercise like I need to breath.

Night all. Going to catch some early zzzzzz’s. God bless.


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