Gearing up for radiation

Tomorrow I have an appointment at the radiation center to treat my breast cancer. They said it would be an hour and a half meeting.

I have so many questions about it. How deep does it penetrate? What circumference is it? Does it hurt? How can I prepare myself for the treatments? Is it true I cannot wear deodorant while in treatment? Are they going to tattoo my skin where they line up the machine? How long will each session be? I hope I can remember all of these questions tomorrow. Kind of nervous about this.

Yeah I know I’m weird. Not sweating the biopsies on Monday, but radiation has me freaked. The surgeries heal, but radiation is accumulative. What goes in your body in your lifetime- dentist, surgeries, pneumonia etc- whatever X-Ray you have had done is still in you. This causes cells to break up and become free radicals. So how will this impact the rest of my body? Big day tomorrow. I will post the answers. Anyone interested and has more questions, post them here so I can ask.

Very blessed today. Even though I was tired from biking with the kid yesterday, I made it through a busy day working with patients. Then played card games with my daughter and took her for another ride. My wonderful husband washed my car. Life is good.

Now my Newfoundlsnds dog turned 15-months. Oh my, how devilish he has become. I have read that this was a tough month in their development and that they had behavioral problems again. Well he has been in true Newfie form. He stole half my sandwich right from under my nose. He stole my daughters lomein as she was getting a drink. He tried to chew up her shoe. He jumped on a friend when she came in the door. Just more stinky than usual. I hope this phase passes soon. I’ve heard at 2 years something changes and they became angels. I’m not holding my breath, but I wouldn’t trade Emmitt in for anything. Because as stinky as he can get, he gives more love back to all of us. All 116 lbs of him. He has been there for me, as well as Mia, our 20-lb mutt, through my healing. I love my babies so much.

My mother has kept an eye on me as well. I have a great support system within my nuclear family, extended family and friends. The prayer, c
alls and messages come in daily and are much appreciated. God bless everyone of them. And thank you Jesus for these people you put around me to support me. Praise God and God bless all.


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