Biopsy complete

I have now had all three different biopsies on my breasts. In 1999 had the sonogram assisted biopsy, in September had the mammogram assisted and today the MRI assisted biopsy. This one, you are face down with breasts in two cutout spaces on the MRI table. IV in place to add contrast and arms out in Superman position.

Again, the area biopsied was deep inside the tissue. I had taken a Xanax to help me to relax and not move for the procedure. That is one of the difficult parts if this. My arms and shoulders were stiff from being above my head for the duration.

The staff at Radiology Associates at the MRI center and Mammogram Center were exceptionally caring and supportive. I have a bleeding problem and they took extra good care of me to stop the bleeding. I was blessed by these people taking good care of me. Even provided me with more steri-strips in case a I needed it and the number to call if bleeding started up again.

My mom treated me to a good late breakfast at a Town & Country Restaurant. Loaded up in protein and pancakes. Then she bought my a Dia de lis Muertos bracelet in black and pink.

I am very tired and sore. I have watched some TV and slept. Going to take it easy for today and tomorrow. Results should come in tomorrow and then they will schedule surgery.

I am excited that another step is done in this journey. God, family and friends have been with me throughout and I feel very loved, supported and blessed. My daughters best friend and her family came to support her all the way from Austin. They spent all day Saturday together. One if her family members knitted me a pink breast cancer ribbon scarf. This was so unexpected and greatly appreciated. I did not know the woman personally and to receive this gift was wonderful. God is so good.

Now onward to tomorrow and whatever God wants me to experience. Father, you have asked me to live by faith and not by sight. I am trusting on your promises.


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