Bleeding scare

Awoke this morning feeling sore from my shoulders, but overall, felt okay. Removed the bandaid from biopsy site. I got Kaley off to school with Jason, then began watching TV for a couple of hours. Decided to brush Emmitt while watching Kelly and Michael. All of a sudden I feel my left upper arm wet. Subconsciously, I was thinking “Emmitt didn’t lick me so why am I wet on my upper arm”, ding, ding ding! I look and there is blood in my arm, all over the side of my shirt and through my bra. I freaked out! I thought, I need to call Radiology Associates (RA) because they told me to call yesterday if this happened. (You’ve got to read that sentence really fast to the point if hysteria).

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I am not prone to hysteria, but usually present a cool presence when faced with problem. I called RA and the associate calmly asked if I applied pressure? I felt kind of stupid because, duh, I know how to stop bleeding. I was told to call her back in 20 to see if that worked.

I applied pressure and came up with bloody gauze. I called her back she told me to lie down and hold pressure and to call back. I looked at the site and the steri strips were soaked and not holding, so of course, I removed them. Continued to hold pressure and now slowed to a small trickle. RA called me back after I had called my surgeon, to tell me to come in so they could put a pressure wrap on it. (This was to go around my torso.) Uh, no. The biopsy is a little hole. That would be overkill. So, I placed new steri strips, bandaid, rolled gauze and a compression bandage. Praise God the bleeding has stopped.

Looking back now, it seems kind if funny, but it sure scared to heck out of me.


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