Feeling better

Praise God. I am finally feeling better. Infection is clearing slowly but surely. The drainage is now a viscous, orange tinted liquid. I have not missed a dose of antibiotic since being discharged from the hospital. That is how scared I am of infection. I thought I’d let you guys know this. I am going to work at home today, yes!

My little dog Mia has been quite angry with me since I came back from the hospital. I noticed that she was not as excited to see me as Emmitt (Newfoundland). She is usually snuggled next to me when I’m on the sofa and it;s cold. She has slept with me since the first night we adopted her. Something was wrong. At night, she was sleeping next to her daddy instead of me. This is very strange because I run warmer than anyone in the house. So last night, I sat kneeling by the bed and had a heart-to-heart with Mia and told her that I had to go to the hospital, but I sent her daddy home to be with her and Emmitt. I pet her and we seemed to make amends. She was stuck to me like glue from that point on. And they say dogs don’t understand. Emmitt, of course, loves me unconditionally. He kisses and kisses and has not left my side this whole period. He is either laying on top of me or on the floor beside me. He gives loving eye contact as well.

On the other hand, yesterday afternoon, we all went to Luby’s for early dinner. We put the puzzle toys out and peanut butter in them. Mia is a vengeful pooper. She pooped in the hall to show her dislike for our departure. Emmitt is a binge eater. He helped himself to all 8 bars of s’mores granola bars. There were empty wrappers all over the den. Thank God he didn’t get sick. Laughing at my silly dogs. God bless all.


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