Yay, went to visit my hematologist/oncologist today. I was able to see Dr. Yvonne Manalo who treated me 5 years ago for my alien blood (neutropineia low white blood cells). I had a bone marrow biopsy (second one in 10 years) and many tests that showed that that was the way God made me. I wanted to see her again because I knew another hem/onc would want to run tests again.

I was excited about this visit because every time I have had a surgical procedure, be it biopsy or surgery for my DCIS, I feel like I was given kryptonite and lose my energy and gusto for life. It makes me vulnerable to infection as we saw last week and I do not recovery quickly from surgical procedures. I wanted Dr. Manalo to check if there was something wrong with my blood. I brought her the past 2 months blood work and then historical labs from the past 3 years to show the pattern. She explained that my lymphocytes were low and that was causing me to feel drained. She ordered more blood work and was going to check my Iron as well. Dr. Manalo gave me hope for the next surgery. She said that if my white cells was low after she ran another blood count before the surgery, she would give me a shot that would stimulate my bone marrow to produce more. That made me feel hopeful for the next time.

We will visit after the surgery to discuss the hormone pill I will be prescribed to diminish the chance of DCIS recurrence. I will also talk to her about what the chances are if I choose not to take the pill of re-occurrence. Well, I’ll keep y’all posted. God bless.


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