DCIS over and out?

Had my surgery this past Tuesday the 16th. Felt more pain this time around. I am hoping to get some results today. I am going to see my hematologist today as well. See what she advises. I really think that the extra white blood cells helped me feel better this time around, though today I am feeling achy and slightly nauseated. This too shall pass. I have faith and I’ve been through this before.

I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think I have made it through and now looking forward to recovery. I want to be more active in 2015 since the DCIS slowed me down for the past 3 months. I will come back with a vengeance and compete more in 2015 God willing.

I want to thank all my family, friends and acquaintances who prayed for me during this cancer period of my life. I feel so blessed to be uplifted during DCIS. Cancer ain’t got nothing on God. God is so good. Merry Christmas


Beginning to heal again

Honestly being faced with this infection was more intimidating than the DCIS I’ve been diagnosed with. I have continued to feel worn out and tired. The staff at South Texas Surgical Hospital from ER, Doctors, Nurses and Personnel were just superior to any other hospital experience I have had. They were genuinely caring and authentic in the time the took in my care. I have nothing but praise to give them and thanking God for keeping me there with such nurturing people during this scary time.

I am at home recovering. I am taking it very easy. I asked my surgeon to postpone my double breast surgery for December to give me time to heal and recuperating from this infection that is lingering. I am still draining that tiny biopsy site with plenty of yucky stuff but I am thankful it is coming out. Praying for continued strength and quick recovery from this nasty bacteria. Then onto the next challenge of surgery for the DCIS. Oh, I’m still waiting for the results from the genetic study. I will let y’all know as soon as I know the results. God bless.