Feeling better

Praise God. I am finally feeling better. Infection is clearing slowly but surely. The drainage is now a viscous, orange tinted liquid. I have not missed a dose of antibiotic since being discharged from the hospital. That is how scared I am of infection. I thought I’d let you guys know this. I am going to work at home today, yes!

My little dog Mia has been quite angry with me since I came back from the hospital. I noticed that she was not as excited to see me as Emmitt (Newfoundland). She is usually snuggled next to me when I’m on the sofa and it;s cold. She has slept with me since the first night we adopted her. Something was wrong. At night, she was sleeping next to her daddy instead of me. This is very strange because I run warmer than anyone in the house. So last night, I sat kneeling by the bed and had a heart-to-heart with Mia and told her that I had to go to the hospital, but I sent her daddy home to be with her and Emmitt. I pet her and we seemed to make amends. She was stuck to me like glue from that point on. And they say dogs don’t understand. Emmitt, of course, loves me unconditionally. He kisses and kisses and has not left my side this whole period. He is either laying on top of me or on the floor beside me. He gives loving eye contact as well.

On the other hand, yesterday afternoon, we all went to Luby’s for early dinner. We put the puzzle toys out and peanut butter in them. Mia is a vengeful pooper. She pooped in the hall to show her dislike for our departure. Emmitt is a binge eater. He helped himself to all 8 bars of s’mores granola bars. There were empty wrappers all over the den. Thank God he didn’t get sick. Laughing at my silly dogs. God bless all.


Beginning to heal again

Honestly being faced with this infection was more intimidating than the DCIS I’ve been diagnosed with. I have continued to feel worn out and tired. The staff at South Texas Surgical Hospital from ER, Doctors, Nurses and Personnel were just superior to any other hospital experience I have had. They were genuinely caring and authentic in the time the took in my care. I have nothing but praise to give them and thanking God for keeping me there with such nurturing people during this scary time.

I am at home recovering. I am taking it very easy. I asked my surgeon to postpone my double breast surgery for December to give me time to heal and recuperating from this infection that is lingering. I am still draining that tiny biopsy site with plenty of yucky stuff but I am thankful it is coming out. Praying for continued strength and quick recovery from this nasty bacteria. Then onto the next challenge of surgery for the DCIS. Oh, I’m still waiting for the results from the genetic study. I will let y’all know as soon as I know the results. God bless.

Here in the hospital again

Hello strangers! I over did it last week. Too many patients and wore myself down. On Thursday, I started hurting all over and my breasts were swollen that evening. I was running a fever. I went to bed and woke up worse but had rescheduled patients for Friday that had already been rescheduled from DCIS surgery. So took my Tylenol, put on my big girl panties and went in. Saw my first patient for psych testing and second one was a no show. I called my surgeon and nurse told me to come in.

The nurse took a look at the left breast biopsy site which by this time looked engorged from trying to dry out from breast feeding and called the doctor for a script of Bactim. I was told to use the heating pad and hot showers and rest. Okay went home and stayed calm watching TV. My daughter came home and I decided to bathe while she could stay with the dogs. (Yes my mix and Newfoundland are equally rascally if left alone. They could be another inspiration for another blog.) When I disrobe, I see this small black scab over the biopsy site just asking me to pick it off. So I did. Whoa! This dark syrupy blood/ pus fountain begins oozing out all over me, the floor, my hands. I scramble for some tissue and that gets soaked. I grab a bath towel and catch it. When it stopped I expressed as much as I could which was quite a bit. Miracle, some of the swelling went down. Praise God! So I shower and then more comes out. After cleaning the bathroom with Clorox and bag and throw the infectious towel away, I lay back down.

Fever was lower, but still there. I took the Bactrim as prescribed. By Saturday, after a I continued to express yucky fluid every couple of hours, I still had reddening and swelling. So I decide to consult my step sister, who is a nurse and EMT on how to make a warm compress. We messaged and she tells me to go to the hospital. An infection like that should be treated with IV antibiotics. That made me nervous. I wake and tell my husband. He tells me to call the doctor. I do and doctor told me to continue on bactrim and lay flat on my back till late afternoon and if not better, go to the surgical hospital to be admitted. My sweet husband Jason took a Sharpie and dotted a tattoo of the outer boundaries of redness.

Did as doctor ordered. Fever went down with bactrim but redness was an inch passed all marked boundaries. We went to the hospital. I was admitted and given penicillin and clendomycin IV. This was the first time I tried penicillin since I was supposed to be allergic to it. Yippee! No reaction. By Sunday redness was receding and the swelling was going away.

I was blessed to have my husband with me through those scary hours of whether I was going to go into anaphylaxis or not. Thank you Jesus and Jason for being there. I was blessed by family and friends who came to so me and make me laugh. To my sister and brother-in-law, thank you for keeping my daughter. I greatly appreciate that. God bless you. And to my mother, thank you for babysitting those dogs! Love you all.

Now waiting to see if doctor will let me go home. Prayers again please. God bless.

November 2

I want to praise God for a glorious weekend. I don’t know why it takes me time to heal, but it does, so I am not at a 100% yet. I was able to accomplish all I set out to do for this weekend. Took my daughter shopping for her 10th birthday. Me and the husband splurged on her and it felt so good. She bought all that she wanted including a Toothless Dragon (from Build-a-Bear), Mountain Bike, riding gloves and all the trimming, and finally new clothes. What a blessing God has given me with my daughter. I thank God every day for her. She is the light of my life. My husband has been very compassionate. He tells me to rest and reminds me to take it easy. I have the yin to my yang in him. God bless them both. My mother has been keeping an eye on me and reminding me to eat to gain strength for the next surgery date. I can honestly say, the the DCIS has brought my already close nit family even closer. God is so good.

After a very long nap, it was off to the festivities for the Day of the Dead, downtown. Oh my gosh, there were so many people. We had not anticipated the crowds. The city was beautifully decorated with jewelry and art booths, pinatas, face painting and food. Everything was skulls, flowers, crosses and jewels in the remembrance of our loved ones that have died but live forever in our heart. The music was awesome and the food delicious. They would hand print the design of your choice for personalized T-shirts. It will definitely be on the calendar for next year to dress up in full “Dia de los Muertos” fashion. We had a very nice time and thank God for being so good. That’s all for now. God bless.


Just been tired these past few days. I start off with lots of energy and it dwindles by noon. Anyway, I praise God that I am getting stronger each and every day. I thank God for that.

Have appointment with surgeon on Monday and oncologist in two weeks. Pray that my recovery continues well. I trust in God. God bless all.

God news and Bad news

Whew! What a roller coaster ride with this Ductal Carcinoma In Situ has been. First I’d like to glorify my Lord and Master, Jesus Christ for keeping me in his protection. I got the call yesterday about my biopsy results. Good news, they said it was a fibroid and benign. Yay!!! Great news. But, (yeah but) the Radiological Doctor felt that the results were not congruous with what the MRI was showing, so I need to have that part surgically removed to be sure. Okay, I am human so I am going to vent here. I just had a biopsy that did not confirm or deny anything?!?!¬† This procedure was for nothing because of error?!?! Just set up the surgery already and get it over with. Feeling better now that I got that off my chest.

The good news, the genetic test for cancer predictability is a go. The testing site called me today and said that my insurance would cover 80% and I would be responsible for $775 (20%). Wait, hold on, what? Then she said that I qualified for financial assistance to conduct the test and that I would owe $0. Praise God. That was a a load off me and my family. Now the wait. The test takes 14 days, then my radiation oncologist will call me to talk about the results. This will indicate whether I need radiation or not. Super happy about this. God is good in helping me by providing the resources needed during this delicate time.

Another good news is that my surgeon is looking at surgery in 3 weeks. It seems that the bleeding issue I had yesterday would cause a large hematoma. He wants to wait for the bruising to come out before cutting in me again. Yippee! That will put the surgery near Thanksgiving so I will have that week to heal.

Besides the rant on human error, I am thankful that I am able to share my journey during this difficult time. My family has been super supportive and my friends have been wonderful. I praise God for another day and another opportunity to continue His work. Life is good. God bless.

Bleeding scare

Awoke this morning feeling sore from my shoulders, but overall, felt okay. Removed the bandaid from biopsy site. I got Kaley off to school with Jason, then began watching TV for a couple of hours. Decided to brush Emmitt while watching Kelly and Michael. All of a sudden I feel my left upper arm wet. Subconsciously, I was thinking “Emmitt didn’t lick me so why am I wet on my upper arm”, ding, ding ding! I look and there is blood in my arm, all over the side of my shirt and through my bra. I freaked out! I thought, I need to call Radiology Associates (RA) because they told me to call yesterday if this happened. (You’ve got to read that sentence really fast to the point if hysteria).

I took a deep breath and calmed myself down. I am not prone to hysteria, but usually present a cool presence when faced with problem. I called RA and the associate calmly asked if I applied pressure? I felt kind of stupid because, duh, I know how to stop bleeding. I was told to call her back in 20 to see if that worked.

I applied pressure and came up with bloody gauze. I called her back she told me to lie down and hold pressure and to call back. I looked at the site and the steri strips were soaked and not holding, so of course, I removed them. Continued to hold pressure and now slowed to a small trickle. RA called me back after I had called my surgeon, to tell me to come in so they could put a pressure wrap on it. (This was to go around my torso.) Uh, no. The biopsy is a little hole. That would be overkill. So, I placed new steri strips, bandaid, rolled gauze and a compression bandage. Praise God the bleeding has stopped.

Looking back now, it seems kind if funny, but it sure scared to heck out of me.

Biopsy complete

I have now had all three different biopsies on my breasts. In 1999 had the sonogram assisted biopsy, in September had the mammogram assisted and today the MRI assisted biopsy. This one, you are face down with breasts in two cutout spaces on the MRI table. IV in place to add contrast and arms out in Superman position.

Again, the area biopsied was deep inside the tissue. I had taken a Xanax to help me to relax and not move for the procedure. That is one of the difficult parts if this. My arms and shoulders were stiff from being above my head for the duration.

The staff at Radiology Associates at the MRI center and Mammogram Center were exceptionally caring and supportive. I have a bleeding problem and they took extra good care of me to stop the bleeding. I was blessed by these people taking good care of me. Even provided me with more steri-strips in case a I needed it and the number to call if bleeding started up again.

My mom treated me to a good late breakfast at a Town & Country Restaurant. Loaded up in protein and pancakes. Then she bought my a Dia de lis Muertos bracelet in black and pink.

I am very tired and sore. I have watched some TV and slept. Going to take it easy for today and tomorrow. Results should come in tomorrow and then they will schedule surgery.

I am excited that another step is done in this journey. God, family and friends have been with me throughout and I feel very loved, supported and blessed. My daughters best friend and her family came to support her all the way from Austin. They spent all day Saturday together. One if her family members knitted me a pink breast cancer ribbon scarf. This was so unexpected and greatly appreciated. I did not know the woman personally and to receive this gift was wonderful. God is so good.

Now onward to tomorrow and whatever God wants me to experience. Father, you have asked me to live by faith and not by sight. I am trusting on your promises.

Great news from the Radiation Oncologist

Praise God, thank you Jesus. The type of cancer I have been diagnosed with is Ductal Carcinomo In situ (DCIS). This means that this cancer is contained in one tumor area. It is just beginning and has not invaded any other tissue. Cancer is not good news by any means, but out of the spectrum of cancers I could have, I’ll take this one. If nothing was done, I would have an increased chance of developing full blown breast cancer in 5 to 10 years.

I am a proactive individual who prefers to ere on the side of caution. I am continuing forward with my next double biopsy and surgery. Radiation is now something to either to go through or not to go through. Dr. Thomson, at Precision Cancer Center, explained my options to me. There is now a test developed to see if I carry genetic markers that would increase my risk for developing more DCIS in the future. If I have low chance of re-occurrence, I will not go through with the radiation. Radiation, as I thought, is not good for the body.

Since radiation is accumulative, if I get this treatment, there is a greater risk of me developing radiation induced cancer 10+ years from now. Since I have been working very hard to be healthy and live a long fruitful life, that did not sound good to me. It will take about two weeks to get the results and I will let you know what my outcome was. I have told you, God is in control. I am going through this for a reason. I trust that I will be healed by the name of Jesus. All cancer will be rid from my body. And I sure as heck have not let the cancer invade my mind or spirit.

I encourage you to be proactive. Get your mammograms and detect early. This helps the prognosis to be better. Hopefully I will not have to endure radiation at this time. I have faith that God will give me the endurance to continue down any path he wants me to go through. Have  wonderful day and God bless.